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What is Mooncoin?

Our vision is to innovate and expand a tried and tested Blockchain, to create an ecosystem that enables social interactions and initiatives in science and education. The Moon ecosystem aims to serve as a platform for fast, secure monetary transactions, upon which innovative, game-changing initiatives can be implemented and executed.

A global digital currency that is far faster and less expensive than Bitcoin. Click for details.

Fast, Flexible, Simple

Our plan for People above Profits

Decentralized, Empowering, Deflationary

5 years of Mooncoin, history and vision




Transactions successfully processed since 2013


Funded Mooncoin addresses


Programming Language

  • Execute codes on the blockchain

    MoonWord language may be developed to write and execute codes on the blockchain.

  • Up to 7 symbols in one operation

    It’s simple and free, you may send coins to your own Mooncoin address and fully control (without 3rd parties) the process of recording information onto blockchain.

  • Simple programming language

    MoonWord is a simple programming language, designed exclusively for coding and record-keeping on top of Mooncoin blockchain.

  • Ideal for recording transactions onto blockchain

    Technical specifications make Mooncoin ideal for directly recording informational transactions onto blockchain (fast block time, lightweight blockchain, low transaction fees and high circulation supply).


Thinking of building your own blockchain? Why not use a well tested one instead?A succesful blockchain project needs a great community, one that is loyal and engaging. At Mooncoin, we already have ours.

We will shortly be announcing plans for future projects and team expansion.  At that time we will call on our community to support us in our development plans and this page will be a place where we can acknowledge the contribution of our community members.

A page dedicated to show that we know our community rocks.