Mark Barry

Team Lead

Born and bred in Scotland, Mark Barry has firmly established himself as a community member, dedicated to build and improve the lives of others in the community. Long before assuming leadership over the Mooncoin project, Mark created his own specialist contracting company, which has led him to travel to and work with people throughout the UK over the last 15 years. Besides his dedication to his company, family and the Mooncoin project (his extended family), he is an avid music fan and talented football (soccer) player. Being attuned to community life as well as team spirit and upon realising that the Mooncoin project was in dire need of a true dev & support team, Mark established himself as a calm, direct and easy-going member of the Mooncoin community. In 2018, he committed himself to bring the moon project back to life, unite the Mooncoin community and foster its growth. To this end, he was instrumental in bringing together people with skill, experience and professionalism to form the Mooncoin Reborn team. Mark’s remaining challenge now is to continue to drive the Moon project forward towards becoming a platform with real-world uses, supporting communities around the globe.

Michelle Sakayama (Michi)

Developer Team Lead

Michidragon was born and raised in the USA where she pursues her passion in electronics, high voltage lasers, arts and blockchain technology. With a strong background in encoding digital signals and working with companies such as Sonic Foundry, Sony, Sprint and Qwest, Michi now is a radio software engineer for the US Navy. Besides processing radio-and signals in real life, she has also been an active member of Luskwood (since 2003), a virtual community that is part of Second Life ®. Michi has had a long-standing interest in cryptocurrencies, dating back to the emergence of DOGE and Mooncoin currencies. As a member of both the DOGE and Mooncoin dev teams, she has driven the development of wallets in both projects. Her acumen in blockchain Development and a range of programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java) uniquely allows her to act as lead developer for the Mooncoin project. Indeed, Michi’s ethos (community activism and fair governance), productivity, expertise and meticulous approach to blockchain development will help propel the Mooncoin project to new levels.

Phillip Stanton


Phillip Stanton (mebagger, mebagger2) has worked in the Information Technology field since 1998 and holds a Bachelors of Science in Business administration with an emphasis on Information Systems. His experience was focused in supporting and administration of mixed UNIX:registered: and Windows platforms for various Business to Business services, e-commerce websites, and support for hybrid cloud application management software solutions. His numerous years of experience are well balanced between both startup and long established Fortune 500 environments. He has been involved in the Mooncoin community since 2013 and an active Dogecoin/Mooncoin investor. His posting on this site or any other public forum are his own and don‘t necessarily represent his employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Simon (Dutch)

Website development

Simon hails from the Netherlands, working as a web developer, graphic designer, platform app developer and data connection specialist. Whilst spending significant time developing sites that interface with the web, a friend made him aware of cryptocurrencies and since then, he never looked back. An avid cryptocurrency trader, he came across the Mooncoin project and quickly familiarised himself with the community and its ambitions. Perhaps not surprisingly, Simon realised he could make an impact by taking on the complete redesign of the Mooncoin website, a project that he has taken on with gusto. In his free time, Simon enjoys spending time with his children, traveling and sailing.


Marketing & Strategy

Having majored Finance in college and starting his entrepreneurial career at the age of 27, Simeon is a seasoned veteran, bringing a wealth of experience to our team. Originally from Canada, he moved to the US over 30 years ago, where he successfully started two construction companies. In a bid to build on these ventures, Simeon established both an acquisition as well as a real estate holdings company, strategically complementing his prospering company conglomerate. Simeon always has enjoyed research and perhaps not surprisingly, has also made his mark trading stocks and futures in the last two decades. Recently and when immersing himself in the world of cryptocurrencies, he encountered the Mooncoin project, immediately realising the potential it had on offer along with our need for dedicated and experienced professionals, able to propel the Mooncoin project forward. Appreciating the history and objectives of Mooncoin, Simeon decided to become part of the Mooncoin reborn team and lend us his expertise in business finance.


Marketing & Strategy

Originally, from the Netherlands, a career in scientific research has driven Sycophant to live and work around the globe. With a keen interest in plant biotechnology and dedicated to fighting crop diseases, Sycophant has embarked on a successful international research career, studying filamentous pathogens on plants. Sycophant is currently a research group leader at a leading (UK) University, has published over 40 (peer-reviewed) articles and managing research grants totaling more than two million GBP. Sycophant has extensive experience in research as well as team and grant management, which he brings to the project. Sycophant joined the Mooncoin project as he is convinced that blockchain technology will change the way in which we can fund cutting-edge research and translate discoveries to the benefit of all.


Marketing & Strategy

∈² is a crypto enthusiast who lives and works in Brazil. He first obtained a degree in Mathematics while specialising in strategic business management. Currently, ∈² is studying for a masters’ degree in systems and computing, where he has developed critical skills in developing management strategies and applying the latest software tools to achieve project goals. After getting acquainted with the Mooncoin project, ∈² quickly realised the potential this project carried and became acutely aware of the value his strategic marketing skills could bring to the table. With his background in marketing, computing, data science and blockchain technology, ∈² is well positioned to bring his project management skills to the fore and apply his knowledge of cryptocurrencies to devise and help direct well-designed marketing campaigns in this space.

Justin Soga

Social Media

Justin Soga lives in California where he works as a Real Estate Agent and Commercial Lender. His profession and experience in these industries has helped to make him an expert in sales and marketing and led to a genuine connection to the plight of the people that have unwillingly or unknowingly become trapped in the debt system. Justin invested in the Mooncoin project convinced that educating youth holds the key to the long-term success of cryptocurrency and good financial health of young adults. With his involvement in the Mooncoin Project, Justin hopes to bring new ideas and more importantly, unlock opportunities for those in debt through innovation in the cryptocurrency sphere.